Call Ellison Plumbing to service or replace your hot water heater in Mobile, Alabama and Baldwin County.


Your water heater provides hot showers, clean dishes, and clean clothes, many things we take for granted. A broken water heater prevents the everyday luxuries we expect, therefore keeping your heater maintained should be a top priority for any homeowner. At Ellison Plumbing, we have experts experienced in working with all kinds of water heaters and can offer repairs and upgrades to units suffering problems. No matter how small the repair may seem, we have the experts to solve your water heater problems. We have installed, repaired, and replaced thousands of water heaters in Mobile, Alabama, Baldwin County, and surrounding experts. We are the trusted source for water heater service in Mobile, Alabama.

If you need a change when it comes to your water heater, call us today!

For more information on what type of water heater is perfect for your home, click here. We walk through the different types of water heaters and which water heater will work best for your specific needs.