We are the local team to service your plumbing in Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas!

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Avoid recurring issues by hiring Ellison Plumbing to ensure your property is safe from plumbing issues. With over thirty years of experience, you can trust Ellison Plumbing and Piping to solving your plumbing problems within Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas.

Plumbing problems can be challenging to diagnose. We have seasoned plumbing specialists ready to make a fast and accurate diagnosis, ensuring a quick start on your repair. We are familiar with the issues that face Mobile’s residents, having serviced many properties throughout the greater Mobile County area. We use the best plumbing practices and materials in the city and surrounding areas.

Any property, new or old, can undergo plumbing issues - whether it’s piping or an indoor fixture. These issues can cause small recurring problems and could lead to more significant, costly issues down the road. We go out of our way to ensure all blockages and minor issues are cleared away and also seek to find longer-term solutions as well.

Our specialized technicians have experience in service and equipment repair, some of which are grinder pumps, water heaters, re-piping, and sewer mains. If you have any plumbing issues causing you stress, don’t wait! Call Mobile, Alabama's most trusted plumbing company today at 251-665-0309!

There is not job too big or too small. Trust Ellison Plumbing and Piping to handle any of the following:

  • Repair leak
  • Repair faucet
  • Repair outdoor systems
  • Repair sewer
  • Repair toilet
  • Repair garbage disposal
  • Repair pipe
  • Repair shower
  • Repair water heater
  • Install garbage disposal
  • Install toilet
  • Install faucet
  • Install shower
  • Install water heater
  • Install grinder pump
  • Re-pipe home
  • Unclog drains