These are the hidden machines ensuring our pipes flow smoothly.


What is a grinder pump, and what does it do?

Your home uses an E/One grinder pump station to collect wastewater and transport it to the sewer main. The pump turns on and off automatically when the sewage in the tank reaches a preset level. Should the pump not turn on, and the wastewater reaches the alarm level, the alarm will sound, and the alarm light will turn on.

How do I know if I have one?

Every home has a connection to a pressure sewer system; you can find grinder pump stations at each house. Look for a lid in the yard, and an alarm panel with a light mounted nearby.

Contact Ellison to find out what type of grinder pump you have!

Why is it essential for the pump to be functioning correctly/efficiently?

Your grinder pump is an essential part of your home’s plumbing. All of the wastewater from toilets, sinks, dishwasher, washing machine, and shower drains into the grinder pump station and is then pumped to the sewer main. If your pump is not working, this wastewater can back up into your home.

How do I know if it's not working?

Should your pump stop working, the light on the alarm panel will illuminate, and the alarm will sound. The silence button is on the underside of the panel box. If the alarm turns on and does not turn off by itself, conserve water usage and call us for service. The pump will not work during a power outage without a backup generator. Conserve water as much as possible. The alarm may turn on briefly following a power outage but should clear itself. If the alarm does not clear, contact Ellison.

How often should my pump be serviced?

With proper use and care, E/One grinder pumps do not require preventive maintenance. The noise level when the pump is running is similar to the hum of a washing machine. If you notice the pump is running loudly or making noises, or the alarm light turns on occasionally but clears itself, call for service.

The Owners Guide from E/One details items that should not be flushed into any sewer system, this list is posted below in the next section. Not following recommendations can void the warranty.

How long should my E/One pump last and does the manufacturer offer a warranty?

Each product includes a standard 1-year warranty, and you have an additional option of adding a 4-year extension. We have found most issues are user error, not faulty equipment. With proper use and care, your E/One pump should experience an average of 10 years before service is required.

To avoid blockages and damage to your pump, the following items should NOT be placed in any sewer system:



-abrasive material (gravel, sand, coffee grinds)

-socks, rags, cloth

-plastic or sanitary napkins, including tampons

-kitty litter

-explosives or flammables

-lubricating oil, gasoline, diesel or strong chemicals

-stormwater runoff

-any wipe or product labeled "flushable."

Who should I trust to inspect/replace my pump?

You should only trust your E/One grinder pump service to an authorized service center. Our technicians have been trained specially in the troubleshooting and repair of E/One grinder pumps. At Ellison, we believe in the quality of our work and the product we promote. With thirty years of experience, four years of using E/One and installing over one thousand units, we are confident we'll not only beat our competitor's price but for their service too.